The Mulan City

Multan is a city in south central Punjab province. It is built just east of the Chenab River. About 966 km from Karachi and more or less right in the center of the country lie the ancient city of Multan. Multan, the 'City of Pirs and Shrines' is a prosperous city of bazaars, mosques, shrines and superbly designed tombs. A circular road around the rampart gave access to the city through thirteen gates. Some of the imposing structures of these gates are still preserved. In the bazaars of the Old City one still comes across tiny shops where craftsmen can be seen busy turning out master-pieces in copper, brass, silver as well as textiles in the traditional fashion.The old city has narrow colorful bazaars full of local handicrafts and narrow winding lanes. There are many places of historical, cultural and recreational interest in the city.

Water and sanitation Agency (MDA) was created in 1992 as subsidiary Agency of Multan Development Authority for the Planning, Designing, Development, Maintenance, Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage System in Multan and for execution of water supply & sewerage projects and maintenance of the system with generation of funds by levying charges on consumers of water supply and sewerage facilities. At present, 70% of about 1.9 Million population of Multan is being served with the water supply and sewerage networks of WASA. A number of sewerage and water supply projects are being carried out under ADP and PSDP. It is anticipated the water supply and sewerage facility shall be available to 82% population of Multan after completion of these projects up to 2018.

The Vision

To be an extraordinary service provider for the citizens of Multan and thereafter to be the Centre of excellence in water sector of the country.

The Mission

To make our customers feel welcome, appreciated, and worthy of our best efforts in everything we do for providing water supply, sewerage and drainage services.

Functions of WASA Multan

  • Planning, designing and construction of water supply, sewerage & drainage facilities for:
    • New works
    • Rehabilitation and augmentation of the existing system
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply, sewerage & drainage system;
  • Billing and collection of rates, fees and charges for the services provided to consumers
Other Information
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