Construction of Waste Water Channel

Construction of Waste Water Channel

Construction of Wastewater Channel from Sameejabad Disposal Station to River Chenab including Treatment plant


Main objective of the project is to collect Waste Water of 5 existing, one under construction and 2 proposed Disposal Stations of WASA for ultimate Disposal into River Chenab after treatment; which at present is pumped into irrigation Canals and used for broad irrigation.

 Scope of Work:

The project comprises construction of 31 Km Waste Water Chanel of varying width & depth, starting from Sameejabad Disposal Station upto River Chanab, intercepting Waste Water of Smajeebad, Vehari Road, Kiri Jamandan, Farooq Pura and Old Shujabad Disposal Stations. The Waste water of under construction Shah Shamas and proposed Jahangeerabad & Muzafarabad Disposal Stations will also be taken for ultimate disposal into River Chanab, where Treatment Plant will be constructed before disposing into the River.


  • Length:

 31 Km, 10 Km City Area covered

  •  Section

3.0x1.01 - 12.20 x 2.04

Brick Masonry Rechargeable

  • Max Discharge capacity

786 cusecs

  • Design Velocity

0.89 m/sec

Sewage Treatment Plant:

  • Treatment Option

Waste Stabilization Ponds

  • Land Requirement

626 Acres

  • Design Temperature

21.8 C°

  • Treatment capacity

113 MGD                          

  • BOD Reduction

250 mg/l to < 80 mg/l