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Welcome to WASA Multan

Water and sanitation Agency (MDA) was created in 1992 as subsidiary Agency of Multan Development Authority for the Planning, Designing, Development, Maintenance, Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage System in Multan and for execution of water supply & sewerage projects and maintenance of the system with generation of funds by levying charges on consumers of water supply and sewerage facilities. At present, 70% of about 1.9 Million population of Multan is being served with the water supply and sewerage networks of WASA. A number of sewerage and water supply projects are being carried out under ADP and PSDP. It is anticipated the water supply and sewerage facility shall be available to 82% population of Multan after completion of these projects up to 2018. Read More


Water Supply

Providing safe & health water is one of the major function of WASA Multan. Fortunately Multan city is situated at left bank of River Chenab which

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The system of the sewers started establishing since 1968 and four phases of the scheme have been constructed and operated since then

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General topography of this city is flat with a minor slope towards south west. The waste water of the entire city is drained through a net work of lateral

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